• ESP 348

      VERY nice man!!! I saw one of these for sale when I was on holidays a few months ago at a music shop.

      It looked awesome and they told me it sounds awesome too! Lol. I never had time to stick around and play through it unfortuntately. }

      Congrats and enjoy mate.

    • themisfit138

      After spending a little time with the JP-2C, and a tube swap, it is very close in tone to the IIC+ or IIC++. It can do both tones very well. If you hear them both without knowing which one is which, you would have a hard time picking the IIC++.

    • ESP 348

      Great to hear man.

    • Zachary W.


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    • RZK

      I'm a little late to the party.



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    • ESP 348

      Nice selection of ESP guitars there man.

      Did you place an order for the Demonology?? How long is the wait for it?

    • Pims

      Thanks! I ordered the demono via omega music in Belgium from the Benelux Germany Switzerland dealer I got the info in July.  It should be here around November. Told it was the only Europe model as of now. If you happen to be Mayones fans it has the biggest stock in EU and definitely one of the biggest stock worldwide

    • ESP 348

      Cheers for the reply Pim. Congrats man.

    • Lewis_08

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