• lalosg

    thanks, ill try that, ill buy new tubes as soon as i get a chance to go to texas, any suggestion about what tubes to buy? or should i use the same brand, i love the sound of my amp, its nothing like ive ever heard around here, but i know it could get better, thanks again.

    • gorsch

      My singer owns a powerball thats not working so well right now. I get it working, then I get to use it. It powers up, tubes seem to look like they're fine, both pre and power. He says it gets a clean signal but not much gain on the dirty channels. Which is why I know somethings wrong. I still have to mess with it to try and pinpoint what the issue is. I'm thinking pre amp tubes because it powers on fine and he gets a clean channel but no distortion. None of the power tube "monitor lights" come on though, which would tell me it could be power tubes but they're glowing a nice Blue/orange color. The normal color. Like I said I still have to check it out for myself. I've been using tube amps forever now so I know the basics on changing tubes, replacing low gain with high gain or vise-versa and so on.............
      One question is can anyone recommend some good pre-amp and power tubes for it? I'm not going to pay more for "Engl" labeled tubes because thats dumb. The pre's are ECC83's right? Could I still use Tung Sol 12ax7's and a couple of other 12ax7's. I usually use a mix of 12ax7's for most my amps.
      I just know an ecc83 is slightly different, but would 12ax7 harm it or make it sound bad?
      Also, does anyone have an Idea based on the little info I gave as to whats causing this problem?