• esp_gaijin

    "I want something that will work on one setting and not on others."

    then you only need 1 eq setting and just need it to be on and off when you change to various patches in your triaxis? is that correct?

    if so, what about choosing a simpler (non programmable ) eq of your liking, and use a looping method to take it in and out of the path?
    this could probably be done cheaply or expensively depending on how fancy you want it to be.

    what does your current rig consist of?

    does a triaxis have a loop? if so can it turn that loop on and off per patch? i don't know dink about the tri, never played thru one.

    i use a boss ge7 for one specific thing, to get a notchy sound once in a while, primarily when covering certain Sab tunes. the eq is on all the time and my gcp/gcx takes it in and out of the path as needed.