• Dark Alone

    It has one, but I don't find it nearly as effective as the Dynamic Voice on the TriAxis itself. But some people say you can achieve a better result with an external EQ, rather than using the Dynamic Voice. That may be. But the G-Major isn't it. So I'm just examining other options.

    • david safc

      Does anyone agree with me that most of ESP's V shaped guitars are way overpriced? The SV's are like £1300 ($2600) and the Alexi models, which only have one pick up, cost £1675 ($3350). You could probably get a Les Paul custom for that price. I mean, are they really worth this much? I know that you can obviously get good lead sounds for solos and stuff, but do they really match up to the chunky rhythm sound you would get out of a guitar like a Les Paul? I'm really GASing for a V guitar lately to go along with my EC-1000, but I'm having trouble justifying saving my paper round money for like 30 weeks to afford the SV.