• Dark Alone

    Well, I want something that will work on one setting and not on others.

    • Asmodaus

      Doesn't the G major have a parametric EQ?

    • Nanneq

      Hi guys

      I'm getting myself a custom shop eclipse, and can't make up my mind if I want a maple neck on it, or a mahogany one.

      I'm interested in what you guys have to say about it, each of you probably has some helpful experience / knowledge in this issue.

      Here's my main thaughts:

      downsides for the maple:

      - Looks: The guitar's finish will be natural, so the 2 wood types of the center column and "wings" will be visible... i'm afraid it won't be too aesthetic

      - Sound: with the ebony fretboard, Maple top and EMG's, wouldn't it sound Too bright?
      would the little bit of mahogany in the wings make a difference and give me that massive Low range?

      Downsides for the Mahogany:

      - Sound: On the other hand, a whole mahogany guitar... wouldn't it be too muddy? (it does have a maple top - would that be enough to tighten those lows, and polish the highs?)

      - strength: mahogany is known to be softer than maple - and i've seen too many Les-pauls with broken necks.

      awaiting your advised comments... :cool: