• esp_gaijin

    "use for my main dirty tone "

    i'm curious why do you want a programmable unit, are you going to use multiple eq settings?

    probably any programmable unit is going to first convert signal to digital, eq it, then back to analog,
    -- if that is a concern to you, for many it isn't but for some it is.
    i only used my boss eq20's for vocal filter effect so i never noticed or cared about how the ad/da conversion affected the sound, i was going for a specific very-effected sound already, and i looped the eq completly in or out of the path when i used it.

    if you don't need multiple settings, if you want to remain analog,
    for more interesting eq options you might consider a peg instead of geq.
    i think peq's can do cool stuff with OD tones, jmo.