• ESPimperium

    Thanks, i have found that my DS-1 and GE-7 are awsome together today, i love my EVH Phase 90 so i may get the Boss one for the mini rig, with the SD-1 making its way there as well, altho i may also be persuaded to get a OD-3 and a MT-2 (Again) for the mini rig, and taking the DS-1 out the mix and having it;

    Guitar > SD-1 > DS-1 *OR* DS-2 *OR* MT-2 > GE-7 > PH-3 *OR* CE-5 *OR* CH-1 > Valve King Royal 8 *OR* Crate V5 *OR* Fender Champ 600

    It looks a pretty nice small work horse rig, its finding the versitility and tone from such a small rig thats the challange, as i was gonna di it with 3 pedals for starters, now its 4 and will probably remain 4 as it gives me enough parameters to work with.