• ESPimperium

    Roland: Cube 30, MicroCube
    Line 6: Spider II or III 30W 1X12
    Vox: AD30VT, AD30VT-XL
    Peavey: ValveKing 1X12 50W

    Boss: SD-1, GE-7, OD-3, CE-5, NS-2, TU-2, DD-3
    Digitech: Expression Factory, Distortion Factory, Chorus Factory
    Dunlop Wahs are pretty nice
    Morley Wahs are nice as well
    A Ibanez TS9 is pricy but awsome

    Personally a awsome small rig, with good quality would be this:

    Guitar > TU-2 > NS-2 > Origional Crybaby > SD-1 > Amp Pre > (FX Loop: CE-5 > GE-7 > DD-3) > Amp Power Amp - The amp being the Peavey Valve King