• jt76

    I still say yes to the blackstar.  also consider the - ht 5 it sounds really good if you don't need to get real loud.   I used to play with my schools jazz band with a 25 watt solid state fender. tube amps are a whole lot louder, so the ht 5 might be almost as loud as that.

    or the blackstar ht 20 would be loud enough for most applications.    -

    The ht 100 has a master volume so you can crank the gain and turn down the master volume to use it heavily distorted at very low volumes in case you have a wife, neighbors, parents, or people who live within a 1 mile radius  and need to play quietly sometimes.  It is heavy (weighs a lot ) and a bit overkill for most situations.

     after considering the ht5 ht20 and ht50 -  I bought one anyway.  

    • Konstantin K.

      and what about the clean?

      i just love a nice clean, like metallicas fade to black

    • jt76

      They have a very good clean sound,   I think metallica were using roland jc120's for clean sounds,  I own one of those and by far prefer the blackstars clean sound.

      the best clean sound i have ever heard is from a fender hotrod deville,  however I owned one and it doesn't do anything else well.

      I like my  mesa f30 for heavy distortion, and laney lionheart for cleans,  and the blackstar for everything in between.  If I could only keep only one it would be the blackstar.  it gets very very close to the mesa, and the clean is almost as good as the lionheart and It sounds good at almost any setting, ( some amps I find one setting and don't like any thing else ) you can get jazz tones, blues tones, classic rock, vintage rock, metal, country, ect.  its real versitile, and its real responsive to your playing technique.   also  The built in reverb is exceptional.

      It doesn't reach an extreme distortion state, like a peavey jsx / xxx II or the level of distortion you might get from a modeling amp.  If you need more distortion a mild overdrive pedal boosting the distortion channel is all you need.  

      speaking of pedals the blackstars takes pedals into the direct input better than any amp I have ever used.     


    • jt76

      when I said the htv212 sound like you got earplugs in, i don't mean quite I mean muted,   its very noticeable if you a/b it against a high end cabinet.

      by the way I don't know what kind of equipment is available where you are or what the prices are like

      marshall jcm1936 2x12 would probably sound very good with the blackstar. 

      the blackstar series one 2x12 sounds great but they are real expensive

      or a mesa 2 x12

      a lot of people like the orange 2x12, but I havn't tried it.