• jt76

    I have had serveral multi effects systems I now use pedals.

    there are advantages to both.  I got tired of presets and programing and prefer just to dial in the sound I want on an individual pedal.

    Some days I feel like 5 or 6 pedals, some days I don't feel like using them at all. 

    good starter pedals - overdirve - overdrive can be used to dirty up a clean amp and get a blues or classic rock sound

               or it can be used to push a distored amp into a hardcore metal tone.   a fulltone ocd - is a very versitile overdrive

                                 - looper - a looper is an excellent practice tool or composing tool and has a few practical live applications also.

                                  - heavy distortion - if you amp does not have a distortion channel at all you may want a heavy distortion pedal. -I use a metal muff occasionally

                       next I you may want to consider

              - reverb - i you play alone in small rooms ( at low volumes) and your amp does not have reverb, reverb can make the amp sound more open

                                - delay -  can add a litte echo to make things sound fuller or more interesting.

     get a multi  spot power supply - at bare minimum a visual sound 1 spot or similar.  otherwise you will go broke buying 9 volt batteries.


    I own a bunch of effects however,

    I typically use just the amp and barber super sport overdrive when playing with a band.   


    I use a barber super sport overdive and a electro harmonics metal muff into a tc electronic ditto looper directly into the input jack of whatever amp I happen to be using when I am practicing or writing,


    hard to say more without knowing what sound you are going for or what equipment you use.











    • Kurt G.

      Thank you very much for your suggestion. well I've learned from what you've commented. well I am planning to buy Multi effects for my first try..  but well yeah I think you're right.


      But I always play on bedroom. and I play Japanese Rock or any Instrumental songs. for example "G5 2007 "Words" " (sorry i can't post the link. It won't allow me, just check it on youtube if you have spare time) :)