• Konstantin K.

    First of all, thank you.


    BUT: I just play at home just for me and maybe some recording. I also play in a schoolband where it would be positive to always have his sounds with you.

    I mean: Is it worth to have a Blackstar HT100 Halfstack standing around, just for me?

    • jt76

      I still say yes to the blackstar.  also consider the - ht 5 it sounds really good if you don't need to get real loud.   I used to play with my schools jazz band with a 25 watt solid state fender. tube amps are a whole lot louder, so the ht 5 might be almost as loud as that.

      or the blackstar ht 20 would be loud enough for most applications.    -

      The ht 100 has a master volume so you can crank the gain and turn down the master volume to use it heavily distorted at very low volumes in case you have a wife, neighbors, parents, or people who live within a 1 mile radius  and need to play quietly sometimes.  It is heavy (weighs a lot ) and a bit overkill for most situations.

       after considering the ht5 ht20 and ht50 -  I bought one anyway.