• jt76

    the ht100 is a killer amp,but I would recomend a better cabinet,  the lower level blackstar cabinets will really choke that amp. I use mine with a mesa 4x12

    half back ( open top / closed bottom )  with celestion black widows.   works fine with my rivera 2x12 also.   these make the htv212 sound like you have earplugs in.

    I suggest you look around and find a good cabinet, it will make a big difference and you will thank yourself later.     Ht 100 with a decent overdrive pedal is all you



    Boss gt100 - if you move it a round a lot its whole lot of work setting up and tearing down any pa that is worth owning,   on the other hand it can be very useful to have a pa.     also You might be able to get a powered pa speaker and plug the boss directly into it but I have not tried it.    


    Personally I own a pa and a vox tonelab (similar to the gt100) and also an ht 100,  I have never ever encountered a situation where I preferred using the

    processor into the pa over the real guitar amp,  


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