• Osvaldo T.

    Hello Konstantin!  You're talking about a 100w tube amp there VS a digital modeler. Are your sure you need those watts? It may be ''too loud'' for a lot of things. Haven't you considered a lower wattage tube amp? A 30w - 50w tube amp will do just fine. Tube amps are louder than transistors amps*

    I personally have and use a Blackstar HT-40 Live. They're great amps, but 100w is too much for playing in your house and maybe even with a band.  You're supposed to get micced on the big gigs.


    I personally won't consider the Boss GT100 as an amp option. If you want it to use it for effects fine, but never as an amp.

    That's my opinion. If there's anything I can help you with, let me know!