• Gisornator

    What features do you need? 4 Channels? Most Amps that I cam across have only very few features (2 or more channels, 3-band-EQ, Gain, Master - maybe one or two "special" controllers to adjust some overdrive effekts or to boost the mids).

    What you may want is a Modelling amp like the Roland Cubes. My Dad plays the Roland Cube 40XL. You have a lot of options to find your sound. Loop, Reverb and Delay, 10 different Amp models andeven a acoustic simulation. It also has an AUX Line-in for mp3 players if you have some Backingtracks. The price is smart (below 400€). The volume ranges from "low volume" until "disurbing your neighbours".

    I play on a ENGL Gigmaster 15 (Tube-Amp). It is very rudimentray amp (gain, overdriver-controlller for lead channel, 3 band equalizer, lead-volume, master, mid boost - 2 channels: clean/lead) but the sound is amazing. It has a powersoak to turn down the poweroutput. It has "Full Power" (15 Watt) which is very very loud (some people use it for their gigs - no joking), 5 Watt, 1 Watt (whch would be low volume to play in an apartment) and 0 Watt "Speaker off" (it has a stereo line-out which can be used for recording - you can turn up the master as high as you want to get the sound you want for recording but turning off the speaker so you only hear the sound on your PC for example). Although I love this amp I doubt that this is what you are looking for.