• owj

    Guitar without serial number or manufacturing place

    Hi guys, just wanna ask if a LTD EC1000 does not have serial number or manufacturing place, is it legit? The seller mentioned that it's a prototype that's why it doesn't have it? Help is appreciated thank you! 

    • 6-String

      Maybe, ESP/LTD samples/prototypes can be different than the production models. We would need photos to tell if it is real or a knock off but as a rule most do have serial numbers and most are pretty much exactly like the production models. I have had only a few w/o serial numbers on them, some were taped on but the Samples were never really intended to be sold from what I gather.

    • 6-String

      I think it looks fine but thought it would have had locking tuners on it and zebra pickups. Any idea of the year?

      Can you get a pic of the neck joint on the back?

      • owj

        This is the back, have no idea of the year it was made :/


        yes that's what I thought too, but probably the seller swop the pups, one thing that I couldn't get it is that there is a battery compartment, I might be wrong on this but usually the EC1000 amber sunburst should be equipped with passive

    • 6-String

      Yeah thats a weird one but I think it is real.What does the seller want for it?

    • The G.

      EC1000s used, can generally run from $400-$700+. 

    • jt76

      Main reason most serial numbers are removed is because the guitar was stolen at some point in its lifetime,

      also battery compartment would indicate the guitar orginally had emg's.  that would explaing the black and not zebra pickups.


      EDIT - I was informed by the dealer 6 string that they had on occasion recieved sample and prototype guitars directly from esp that did not have a serial number, or sometimes had a serial number that was just a sticker on the back of the headstock.