• PePe

    Hi, I´m New. And I Have A Quest

    Hi, My name is Jose, I´m from Chile and I have a little quest about My guitar

    Well my guitar is a Epiphone SG-310 (I know it isn´t a good guitar) and I want to make some changes on it, and I now YOU can say me what to do with it.

    What I want to do with is 

    Change pickups (Tell me wich pickups are good for this guitar for a tone like the Load/Reload Metallica Albums)

    Do I have to change the tuners? (It have Groover tuners)

    The me if i have to change the electronic? (Toggle switch, volume/tone knobs)

    Well I guest thats is all I want to know 


    • Big Daddy B

      A set of EMG pickups will get you on your way. You might be able to find a set prewired with new pots. Tuners wouldn't make a difference to tone, but may improve tuning stability.

    • Death Magnetic

      Please sell it on ebay and buy yourself this one://///////////////////////////////

      I tried to a post a link to the ESP LTD IRON CROSS for $1100.

      It's everything you're looking for and it's ready to go.

      Funny how ESP GUITARS DOT COM won't let you post a link on a post, even when it's about their stuff. or even let you type out their webstie address like I just tried to but then ended up spelling it out. insane.

      • vipprimo

        I have to agree with this logic.  I had an Epiphone has a hang on until I got my LTD in stock and I couldn't wait to get rid of it.  I shouldn't knock it too hard because it did try, but was far from the mark in comparison to the LTD variant.