• William A.

    I have an LTD F-50, when i got it, i thought the bridge pickup sounded kind of whimpy and sort of "jar-ry" sort of sounding in the bridge position when i was playing heavy metal, but it sounded a little better when i played stuff on the clean channel (i have a line 6 spider IV btw) , so then 6 months later, i got a Dimarzio X2N, and sounds sounds one hell of a lot better; a lot louder, brighter, warmer at the same time, a lot more mid, and a lot heavier/crunchy (and it still soudns good on the clean channel if you tweak it a little bit, also i was using the exact same kind of strings as before i installed it, Ernie Ball regular 10-46), the neck pickup (LH-150) is a little more useful than the bridge LH-150, it sounds good when you do solos, rythm palying, cleans sound good, but it still sounds a little too soft and quite for my taste, so in the future, i will probably install a Dimarzio D-Activator X neck. Don't bother with EMGs, they sound lifeless and generic, you can get just as good of a tone with passive pickups (high output passives that is).