• Gisornator

    "My guitar is a ltd xdc5e but where the neck joins the body the fretboard sits higher [...]"

    This quote is hard to understand. Do you mean it is like this:

    If yes, this seems to be normal. You might have to adjust your Bridge. Did it happen after you changed the gauge of your Strings or after changing the tuning?

    • Caleb R.

      I did but they told me they couldnt really do anything the tech was out till a few days later i live in maine and the closest tech is an hour and a half away i cant exactly go to him any time i want and yes I can speak in complete sentances that is why i got accepted to college for my eassay but this is the internet i dont have to use proper sentances 

      and yes i did change the string gauge but i cant find the factory string gage and a truss rod adjustment didnt do anything to it and how would i adjust the bridge? its not an adjustable one