• John J.

    Pickguard replacement for Viper

    Hi I have 3 ESP Standard Vipers and 2 LTD Viper-1000, I really like this model. I've been trying to fit a pickguard in some of them for a while, but I cant find a replacement for the pickguard.

    • Pushead

      You're better off asking this question via the "Support > Contact Support" pull down at the top of the page.  ESP monitors the forums, but doesn't actually do anything useful with them.

    • Dale T.

      I am having the same issue. ESP offers no aftermarket parts. I finally found in the FAQ section it states "ESP does not sell replacement pickguards." The only solution I've determined is to reshape an existing SG pickguard to your taste or strip your strings and hardware and make a tracing of your guitars body to work with. Several companies offer to make you a custom pickguard based off a trace you send them via snail mail.


      I'm going for a full-face, black annodized diamond plate guard on my new white Viper.

    • Dale T.

      Contacted Technical Support and got an email yesterday containing a PDF file with the dimensional measurements and outline of the standard Viper pickguard. Score!

    • The Guitar

      Surprised no one looked into Terrapin Guitars. I would be surprised if they didn't have a viper guard.

    • John J.

      Hi Dale ! thats great! I tried contacting too but it didnt work for me. Could u please send me that PDF ? :D