• AlvinX13

    LH-150 Pickups

    does any one happen to know the EQ and output specifications of the LH-150 pickups from about 2 years ago because the new "ESP DESIGNED" LH-150 sound terrible compared to the old ones in my opinion and i want them switched out for something that sounds like the old LH-150's.

    I have tried the seymour duncan Invaders (bridge and neck), and seymour duncan Custom in the bridge and jazz in the neck and so far all of these have sounded extremely muddy and brittle does anyone have any ideas with the exception of active pickups.

    • Carl N.

      Depending on neck or bridge position, they put out around 8-14k ohms.  They're exactly the same as the older pickups but with an updated logo.  Try checking all your connections to you potentiometers and output to ensure you don't have any weak solder joints or loose connections.

    • William A.

      I have an LTD F-50, when i got it, i thought the bridge pickup sounded kind of whimpy and sort of "jar-ry" sort of sounding in the bridge position when i was playing heavy metal, but it sounded a little better when i played stuff on the clean channel (i have a line 6 spider IV btw) , so then 6 months later, i got a Dimarzio X2N, and sounds sounds one hell of a lot better; a lot louder, brighter, warmer at the same time, a lot more mid, and a lot heavier/crunchy (and it still soudns good on the clean channel if you tweak it a little bit, also i was using the exact same kind of strings as before i installed it, Ernie Ball regular 10-46), the neck pickup (LH-150) is a little more useful than the bridge LH-150, it sounds good when you do solos, rythm palying, cleans sound good, but it still sounds a little too soft and quite for my taste, so in the future, i will probably install a Dimarzio D-Activator X neck. Don't bother with EMGs, they sound lifeless and generic, you can get just as good of a tone with passive pickups (high output passives that is).

    • Booker

      I'm a little unhappy with the ESP-DESIGNED I have a SC-338 and am missing higher gain and sustain in the pick ups eh they investigated and apparently the seymour duncan Nazgul are the best choice or the classic and powerful active EMG