I also just read your comment about fretting and the buzz going away.

    Before you do anything, go back and fret every position on that string. Even the first fret. Especially the first fret! If you can pinpoint the area where the buzzing goes away, that gives us an idea where the string is fretting out. If it's somewhere in the 6th to 12th fret area, I'd say there's a good chance that loosening your truss ever so slightly, and maybe a tiny raise of your treble height post on the bridge, and you'll probably be good.

    • rcs

      Thanks for the replies. I am probably just going to throw 10s on there. You guys are probably right.

      Yea I tried raising the action first actually, and it did not help. I did add some relief to the neck and it didn't help at all either. Hopefully the 10s fix this issue. If it doesn't, I may shim the nut. But I think the new strings will be the fix