• adnecs

    A question to you, guys. How easy do you switch between scalloped and normal guitar? For me it is not ani start experience, especially if I play scalloped guitars for some time and switch back to normal fretboard.
    Or you tend to stick with one style most of the time?

    • jt76

      I play guitars with tiny vintage frets, medium frets, jumbo frets and one guitar with a scalloped neck.

      heres my take.

      Vintage frets are real comfortable if you like to hit the neck and don't want to press hard. on the down side it can make it hard to achieve the speed you want i you want to shred. Its a little hard to jump back an fourth from a guitar with jumbo or scalloped frets to a guitar with vintage frets, I think I usually adjust in about 10 to 15 minutes.
      Also Last time I tried to sell a guitar with vintage frets they guy at the guitar shop, told me he though the frets were worn down to that size ( he did not know what he was talking about )

      medium frets - nothing special here - very good all purpose fret
      that are comfortable play on but they lack the intimacy with the neck of the vintage or the speed of the jumbo.

      Jumbo frets or xtra jumbo frets - if you don't like them you are doing it wrong. I never really liked them that much until I got into the guitar with the scalloped neck. Now I love them. A properly set up esp with xj's on it
      is just as fast as any scalloped neck I have ever played. Playing properly
      you can float ( using them like scalloped) and use the frets only or you can press and use the neck and the frets.

      scalloped. - Play a scalloped guitar for a week and you will learn how to
      get the most out of jumbo frets.

      I will never be without at least one scalloped guitar. Sometimes I just like not having the neck in the way. Bends sustain really well and it just feels really different. Sometimes I will grab the scalloped guitar If I am feeling a lack of creativity. Want to do this to a chinese,
      indoesian, korean, I say go for it. I probably wouldn't do it to a real Esp
      unless you know you really like it.
      I actually like it on a non floyd set up and use it more for bluesy stuff
      most of the time.

      switching jumbo to scalloped and back

      there really isn't a whole lot of difference in how you play on jumbo and scalloped frets so switching back and fourth between these two is not that hard.