I've scalloped lots of fingerboards. I have to say, I was extra nervous the first time I ever did a set neck. You don't get any redo's on those.

    Anyway, you have a bolt-on so no worries. I don't play LTD's so I don't know the 602, but I'm guessing it's all skulls other than #24, which probably says LTD. Or Hamster, or something in a long skinny block.

    My best guess is that you WILL lose that inlay if you scallop. I tend to be an all-or-nothing guy when it comes to scalloping. I usually do all 24 frets, or none at all. I've seen guys do just 12 frets, which would totally mess with me. It would be like driving with two wheels on dirt and two on tarmac.

    In my huge opinion, just doing the last 4 will yield little practical benefit, other than being a little like a poor man's Jem. I've talked to Vai about the whole last 4 frets thing, and from what I recall, it mostly has to do with the first Jems didn't have the AANJ (all access neck joint) so reach up into the last 4 frets was already crap, so the scallops were there to lend just a tiny bit of assistance in extreme bending. Which I get. I still have a scalloped Fernandes with a sustainer, and bending those sustained notes on scallops is neverending nirvana. The good kind of nirvana, not the grungy seattle kind.

    Anyway, that's my opinion on your inlay. Plan on losing it, and possibly having a sliver of a rectangular hole from where the faux MOP fell out. Your fingers won't touch the little hole, but it might not look super hot. Fair warning.

    Anyway, I'm here for scalloping tips if you need any. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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