• LoveThatBass

    I do not find a case specifically made for my new LTD D-5 Bass. Can someone tell me which case to order if needed please?

    Ordered an EC-1000-FR plus ESP case from axemusic, guitar was in stock but not the case. They offered their house model generic LP case, I opted to wait for stock on the ESP since I already have a few LPs already and this is my first non-Gibson/Epi so I kinda wanted something a little different. Plus they're supposed to be he largest ESP dealer in Canada and ETA was 5-10 days.

    That was 2 1/2 months ago...:confused:

    Was wondering if there was some kind of delay or something with ESP w/ EC/LP cases? I wasn't in a big rush or anything, but at this point I'm getting a little annoyed...

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