Short answer: YES.

    On May 5, I ordered a Horizon NT-II from GC Atlanta. They put in an order with ESP 2 days later. Two weeks later it still hadn't shipped. I was told hard shell cases were on backorder.

    I am a little bit surprised that they don't just ship them from Japan to Cali in hard shell cases (safer for the guitars in transit, I'd think). Then again, I did get the guitar last week, and the case was like what the nicer USA Fenders come in, the ones that have the little metal plate inside that says "G&G Cases USA" or whatever. And to be fair, it is a very nice case. Maybe they use those cases for the NA market and different cases for the APAC market.

    Regardless, there is a delay, but I don't know any more than that. And naturally, an Eclipse will take a different case than a double cut, so maybe their delay is longer. And I hate to make it sound even scarier, but they may be favoring ESP's over LTD's, rather than working on a strict first-come-first-served basis.

    I'd ask the dealer to call ESP and get a real ETA. That's what I had to do.