• zeratul_x

    Gotoh licensed floyd replacement

    Hi,I'd like to replace my stock 2008 LTD M-100FM licensed floyd with Gotoh floyd and my question is would the Gotoh fits with the old floyd space without any modification?

    • TonyFlyingSquirrel

      Been using one for 16+ years on my main axe, rock solid, smooth feeling under the palm, very consistent. Actually considering a big block & new bar ala Floyd Upgrades.

      I like the idea of having the wrench inside the bar assembly. I've had a trem tool on the back of the headstock for as many years and fear it my lose itself one day like one of them did on another guitar some years back.

    • ozzuk1

      Should drop in fine, definately worth getting the studs replaced for the Gotoh floyd Rose ones, they lock into the anchors and are cut for the bridge, they work fine with stock ones I used the LFR ones in my ltd when I swapped it...

      If the bridge is routed for a floyd rose special it should fit in almost perfectly...