• ammar

    Reiwiring a Guitar

    Hey Guys,

    So i decided that I would like to completely re-wire my Epiphone Les Paul. It is a gift and has a sentimental value to it, so replacing the guitar is out of the question...I am keeping it.

    Now that I have had the guitar for more than two years, I am convinced that upgrading the pickups will bring the best out of the guitar.

    Since the guitar is Standard Plus model, it has a decent hardware...Grover Tuners, Gotoh bridge and tail peace....plastic nut though.

    The pickups on the other hand are Epiphone stock so not so great I have decided to go for the Seymour Duncan Alnico II pro with chrome covers!

    Now what exactly will I need if I will strip the whole guitar down ? Other than the pickups of course, I will need wires, 500k pots and 0.47 caps right? Recommend me source and brands please for all of those!

    And share your experience, since I know we have wealth of knowledge on board.

    Thanks :cool:

    • ozzuk1

      If your willing to pay for the Duncans getting some better quality stuff from CTS switchcraft et all isnt a big stretch, often things get damaged durning a rewire I had a switchcraft toggle go bad on me after two rewires...

      The Epiphone stock stuff isnt known for its good quality, i'd also reccomend changing the nut plastic nuts never do favours for tuning stabillity...

      • JDR

        The nut definitely gets replaced. The input jack I would keep since Epi is known for their specially made "non-rotating" input jacks. I have a 2011 Epi LPcustom Pro with their new ProBuckers, those things give Gibson's BurstBuckers' a run! Just something to think about!;)

    • ammar

      Cool guys. Thanks for the help.

    • ammar

      I have pretty much decided to get a pre wired kit from rs guitar works....any experience?


    • Tondog

      I'd change the word "Epiphone" to Gibson or something more respectible lest you be run down and killed by wolves.

    • Impulse 101

      The RS Guitarworks stuff is pretty good. I'm an Broadcast Audio/Electrical Engineer so I'm pretty picky but all of their harnesses that I've seen (only a couple in person) have been fine.


    • JSHRED

      Or you can do like I do with my les pauls (especially the cheap ones) and just replace the pot closest to the bridge with a good pot, and then disconnect the other 3 pots entirely. Two sweet aftermarket humbuckers, 1 toggle switch, and a main volume pot, it's all I ever need. :)

    • ammar

      ^^Thanks but I would like to retain l four controls.

      Does the Chinese epiphones take short or long shafts?


    • ammar

      Cool I will order it tonight.

    • ammar

      I ordered a pre wired short shaft kit along with jack and switch.

      the vendor suggested the short shafts for my specific guitar.

      Thanks all for the help, will keep you posted.

    • ammar

      I got clarifications om the supplier....will let you know how it turns out..


    • antikue

      Fitting US spec'd pots (like RS pots) into an Epi will require you to enlarge the holes pots are pushed through. Not a big deal if you're careful - a pencil with some fine grit sandpaper wrapped around it will do nicely. Then again, the stock pot knobs will not fit the new pots as the Epi knobs are most likely of metric spec. I chose to use Alpha pots in my ESP (also metric) and they are quality stuff - no reaming required.

    • ammar

      ^^ Thanks.

      Yes I exactly did what you suggested, pencil and sanding paper and the pots now fit nicely. Also, I have ordered a set of Gibson Top-Hat knobs. I had also to enlarge the output jack plate to fit the new jack......

      I am done rewiring the guitar....successfully :D.

      It sounds much much better, warmer and clearer. It was a worthy upgrade.

      Thanks all for the help :)

    • fuzzymuffler

      I highly recommend getting a bone nut made. Tuning stability and sustain will be drastically improved.

    • ammar

      i had the graptech on my other Epi, made a huge difference, but i think i messed up while installing it, didn't match the height or something. That is why I am reluctant now.

      • JDR

        i had the graptech on my other Epi, made a huge difference, but i think i messed up while installing it, didn't match the height or something. That is why I am reluctant now.
        Measure twice, glue in place once.:D
        I just ordered a Graph Tech Tusq XL Jumbo Slotted to replace my Epi LPC's junk plastic one. Can't wait for this order to come in. Got a lot of stuff to upgrade the Epi!:hat