• Velt017

    loose and poking out? That doesn't sound right.

    If you're close to Pittsburgh I'll do the setup for $20

    • sprigs

      Wow those setup costs seem more reasonable, but unfortunately I live in Australia :(

      Yeh it was poking out of the cavity, I had to push it back in and give it a turn so that it was in a tightened position , I imported the guitar, the trip from the U.S to my doorstep probably affected the neck.

      well I decided to have a go at adjusting it, seeing that my low E and A strings had fret buzz (when fretted) I adjusted it to give it some bow. I gave it a 1/4 turn 5-6 times (from a non tightened position). The severity of fret buzz reduced but its still there. I noticed that It was harder for me to bend strings also the action was higher as well.