• Metaldude

    u gotta try Ernie ball !! those strings just rock ! I tried DR , Elixir , Dunlop , Deanmarkley , and I still stay with Ernie's . if never tried something heavier than Beefy slinky , think that's 54 , and they are like never going out of tune .
    I'd recommend dunlop too , I had em once on my guitar and they were staying in tune as well . the feel was pretty nice too but u should order both brands and try them out , but u cant go wrong with Ernie's . slash , Kirk , James , angus , Eric Clapton , jimmy page , Vai , stones ..... I think all of them play Ernie's for a reason ^^
    u said u played them back in the 90s .. maybe u wanna try some newer Ernie's , there are new series called "Cobalt" , I think they r gonna kick some ass and I'm gonna give them a shot but they're not available at my place yet .