• shathe

    I was going to place an order for the Schaller M6 2000 Mini Locking Tuners 3x3 in Ruthenium, about $110 and a 3-4 month wait! So...

    I found (stumbled) upon a guy that sells ProLine thumb-grip locking tuners in black nickel (same finish as on LTD guitars), reasonably priced. They're either 16:1 or 19:1 ratio, so they'll be at least on par with the Schallers.

    I got a LTD MH-350NT today, so I ordered a set for both that guitar & my EC-401FM.

    They should be here in a couple days, so I will post a review and pictures when I get them and if they're good, I'll post the link!

    um, i've never even heard of "proline", so i doubt they'll be "on par" with schallers, which, along with gotoh, are top notch.

    with tuners' you generally get what you pay for. schallers are a pain in the ass because, even though they make all this cool shit, most retailers won't stock anything more than their very basic stuff. usually their low end in chrome. this is because of the way scahaller treats their customers, not because of the quality of their product. they only ship to the states about 4 times a year (and it's late when you get it) and you have to order MASSIVE quantities of anything or they won't bother with you.

    i had to get mine stuff through a guy in germany...