• atreyu2112

    Thanks pillbug! When I saw the guitar, I think I knew I had to buy it. I didn't the first time, but I thought about it for 3 days and went back to pick it up. They are putting out some beautiful guitars.

    As far as matching the color of the hardware...

    Grover's official name for the finish is "Black Nickel" or BN, not Cosmo Black (which is Black).
    Gotoh calls it "Cosmo Black"
    Schaller's name for the finish is "Ruthenium" or RU

    Schaller makes their M6 2000 Mini Locking Tuners in Ruthenium, 3x3 set, but finding them is proving VERY difficult. These are my first choice if I can get them and around $100.

    My second choice would be the Grover Mini Roto Lock tuners, but they only come in chrome, gold or black. So I'd have to go with chrome or black and swap the buttons for whith pearloid or something.

    I'd go with Gotoh, but I am not into the top locking tuners with the reverse thread that self lock. It they made a set like the PRS Phase 2 locking tuners, that'd be a different story as most all Gotoh tuners are available in their Cosmo Black.