• antikue

    Thanks I'd appreciate it. My guess is Gotoh or Hosco (same company, Japanese), but I'd like to be sure. The chrome ones are surprisingly expensive 'round here.

    • Tullochard

      I was wondering if there was an answer to '1b4n3z' question?

      I have recently bought a Eclipse-1 CTM FT BKS, and want to replace the hardware with chrome. So far I have been able to get everything, including tuners direct from Japan, but I am having no luck with the pick up surrounds.

      I bought some chrome ones from a UK parts company, but the body radius does not match with the curve of the surround.

      Can anybody help me get a UK source, or maybe even a worldwide one, or failing that give me the radius of the body? The ECLIPSE-I CTM BB and ECLIPSE-CTM SILVER SPARKLE all have chrome surrounds so they must exist somewhere!

      Incidentally, looking at the black plastic ones that come as standard on the guitar, it looks like the whole surround is curved - not just the underside that attaches to the body, the top is not perfectly flat. Weird...