• Frank W.

    Can effect pedals short the amp fuses?

    Last week, both the slow blo fuses went on my amp. So I replaced them... twice. Each time.. it lasted about 1 minute before it fried them.

    90 minutes ago, I brought the amp to my techs place. Dismantled it, all tubes working perfectly and fuses not blowing. Showed him my pedal power supply and all was okay. So he reckons that the problem might be one of my pedals is shorting the fuses in the amp. I use about 6 pedals connected to the Harley Benton power supply and a digitech whammy pedal plugged in independently. back at home now but amp is still in the techs place still running. Gonna collect it in about 90 minutes. If it's not the power supply, then it must be the whammy pedal.... so other than the amp actually working now... I have no idea. Totally confused.

    The amp is a Marshall TSL 100 with a 1960A cab.

    Anyone have any trouble like this before?

    • Killer-D

      Don't know if it helps but I have a Mesa Simul 295 and it would blow a fuse at the worst times but worked at practice for a year or two no problem....I re-tubed and never happened since.

    • jet66

      I honestly cannot see how any effect pedals could be causing that. The fuses are links in the chain regarding the AC, the tubes, and the transformer. Typically the fuses will blow because of a failed tube or some other component that allows too much current to pass through for whatever reason. IOW, the fuses are basically tied to the power amp side of things, a place where the effect pedals are not directly engaged.

      You can always try each pedal one at a time, but I seriously don't see how one of them could directly be causing the problem.

    • jet66

      That would definitely do it!