• ozzuk1

    Most Vintage 6 hole screw bridges are different specs and spacings, the main exception is the wilkinson vsvg or the lower end wilkinson you can get with the same oval holes these tend to fit in most drill patterns as they are elongated so the screws have breathing space.

    Axes rus had some of those cheaper wilkinson bridges, you may not find areal black version of the vsvg over here new, as theyve switched to cosmo black...

    As for the tuners unless they were kluson vintage style they should fit the headstock, I would bore it out from the top using something to protect the finish just go slowly and you shouldnt have many issues.

    you definately checked and they dont fit?

    • japs5607

      Wow 455 views and finally a response. I did find out the info from a seller on ebay, who has supplied me a proper black vintage trem.

      And yeah i did check there is only a few mm different

      Thanks though