• Saiko

    I dont know, like a jackass I thew away the old bushings. It was an accident. To be fair, the threads were stripped on one of them which was part of the reason I was replacing the tailpiece, I couldn't screw or unscrew the post. (Threw them in a box and the box got thrown away) Interestingly enough, I have found that my bushings from an old Gibson LP Tailpiece appear to fit the guitar, although I did not push the bushings all the way in. I did not buy the guitar new but the owner said it was all original and the Bridge is your standard Metric Gotoh. Any reason for ESP to use a standard tailpiece like that? I am now wondering if I order some Tonepros standard posts/bushings, will they be a direct fit for a standard tailpiece in which case I can get the standard posts and use the tailpiece I got with the metric set and save a few bucks. I don't know why Tonepros does not list measurements or specs on their site!

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