• BrienDeChristopher

    I've never had any reason to oil the knife edges myself. But, I do clean them with a soft cloth whenever I switch the strings out. I guess it depends on how much screwing in and out to raise and lower the Floyd has been going on while the strings were tight. Because, eventually, the edge will cut into the posts over time and cause rusting if you have cheaper posts. It's probably better to just replace the posts in that case. But if you do, check your intonation :)

    • ozzuk1

      Chapstick its what satch uses i'd be cautious about using oils and such the might get into the stud thread nad make them unstable.

      Ibanezrules has a good guide on how to look after your studs/floyds well EDGE's the basics are the same...

      I believe the trick is to add the chapstick to the posts facing away from the studs then turning them back so it covers all of the knife edges....