Replacing the nut

    To replace a regular nut(not a locking nut) do you knock it out w/ like a chisel? Or do you have to score the area around it w/ a razor, then knock it out? Or does it just come out w/ a little pressure. I don't want to butcher this thing up or have it look like a rat has been chewing on it. This is the only thing that I have not repaired on a guitar, and I want to hear from someone who is good at it. Thanks !!!

    • slovakzombiehero

      From what I've heard a light tap with a hammer will do the job. You don't need much glue to keep it in place.

      I haven't had to do that with any of my guitars (though my fuck'dster could certainly use a new nut), but that's the unanimous solution I've heard.

    • Neurot1ka

      Yes, score the outside with a razorblade or you risk taking some finish out of your headstock when you knock it out. Take a rubber mallet and a chisel and tap it gently, it should come out quite easily. When you put the new nut in, make sure you aren't using carpenters glue at full concentration. Mix it with water.

    • ammar

      score a fine line with an exacto blade to avoid damaging the finish surrounding the nut.

      Once that is done, use a chisel and light tap the nut using a hammer towards one of the sides.

      File the slot to ensure that all old glue/nut residues are taken care of.

      Use a small amount of Elmer wood glue, like three drops. Let the glue cure/dry for 24 hrs before playing.