• zombieattack9

    the pickup fucked me up. i had the original blackout wired in, but with the wires, not the quick connect. i got my blackout metal last week and there are no hard wires for the pickup itself, only the quick connect, so make sure yours is already set up for the quick connect system. there is a little recepticle on the back, along with the normal quick connect clip. it is considerably smaller than the main quick connect wire. there is a tiny piece of black plastic that fits over the prongs, which leaves it in high gain mode. removing the plastic puts it in normal output mode. no instructions were included with the pickup inside the container for wiring it to a switch, so i dont know how you'd do that. however this pickup is just ludicrous in the amount of gain it has. ive only just now restrung the alexi up and tested it for maybe 2 minutes, but im impressed. same blackout voicing, little warmer, fuckton of gain