• The Edge Of Darkness

    Hard to Choose (pickups)

    I onw a LTD Mh-100 and I really love it, perfect for my style and for my twice broken wrist (martial arts incident) but I understand that the pickups are not the best (actually it's the only thing that I don't like in the guitar)
    yesterday I was at the guitar shop here in my city and I decided to try two different guitars, no well...they were LTD EC 1000 but with different pickups. One with EMGs and one with SDs
    the Emgs are great pickups, but since my guitar was born with passives, well, I don't want to leave it to a luthier for 4weeks to have the battery slot done, even if I love the sound...the seymour duncan sounded pretty nice, not as thick as the EMGs, but I still loved them. smooth and soft for clean tones and angry for the distorted ones (I was playing through a Peavey JSX Mini Colossal and I used a Boss mega distortion pedal, the set was already there)
    and here in italy the price is quite good, 88€ is the average price for a SD, and the EMGs are about 99€
    I play in a folk band (Ensiferum like), a power (Blind guardian, Nightwish and sometimes Children of Bodom covers) one and a symphonic black/death metal one (emperor and dimmu borgir style)...
    what would be the best choice?

    • Thrash

      don't want to leave it to a luthier for 4weeks to have the battery slot done

      You dont need to do that. You can just have the battery in the (english not my first language so I dont know that word for it) routed thingy on the back of your guitar where all the electric shit is.

      Also even though im a Duncan fan and I love the crunchy Custom and the Distortion and Jb in neck position, I would recommend EMG's if you plan on using this guitar forever. Thats what I did with my crappy m200 and now it's actuly playable compared to before. I dont know how it sounds though your m100. Some ltds turn out amazing and some is just dead like my m200.

    • N3rdAl3rt

      i got emg installed into my pasive h400 and it took them an hour, no batery slot needed

    • andrei

      there shouldn't be any problems then.

      let us know how it turned out!