• mrclean77

    Treva, regardless of whatever we call the CD paper here, was the actual paper you used as thick as paper you would find in a CD book? 4 coats of clear was enough t even it out?

    looks good, btw.

    • jclogston

      Hi all -

      I was wondering if anyone has or has played the LTD M-103FM? I have a KH-202 which i really like and the only thing i would change would be to have a maple fingerboard. Based on the website, the only guitars i see that are similar are this and the M-II (which is like 4x more expensive). So any ideas on it? Do i have to worry since its only a "100 series" guitar? I would swap out the pickups so that's not a problem. The floyd rose special has worked for me thus far and i'm not a really big bar user anyways.

      thanks in advance,