• Armitage

    You guys... :rolleyes:

    Ebony IS alot more sensitive to temperture and humidity changes then Rosewood.

    That's why you'll find all kinds of guitars with ebony fretboards with the frets sticking out the sides, that's because it continued to dry out long after the frets were installed. Can anyone say "Gibson Faded" series? They were all rushed out before the fretboards had dried to the usual 44%.

    Ebony is a hard wood, with a beautiful classy black, but it needs more attention then rosewood. Depending where you live, every rosewood or ebony fretboard should get a touch of light mineral oil, (or lemon oil or some such, once or twice a year).

    This slows the effects of humidity changes.

    Ebony cracks too...

    • ko112

      Having a Kh-2 vintage custom shop for almost a year, it has been the guitar I have constantly gone back to. I recently got a gibby explorer, and I was kinda disappointed with the quality.

      Anyway, I needed a more versatile sounding guitar since I started jamming with a band... Just picked up a standard series ESP MII (bolty with SD's), and I'm totally blown away! Its actually very close in quality to my Custom Shop KH!

      The neck is totally awesome, and the Seymour duncans seem more versatile than EMG's.