• John J.

    Is This Explorer Real?

    Hi, I'm considering buying an ESP explorer that i have found for a good price, but i'd just like to verify that it's real.

    The 2nd pic is the same as the first, but rotated (in case it helps).

    Sorry for the bad quality. This is likely the only pic i'll be able to get, so i understand if any help will be limited.

    Also, If it is legit, any information about what model it might be or what time period it may be from would be greatly appreciated.


    • Gfunk

    • Hans B.

      The ESP logo is a dead giveaway. The shape and knob placement also look off to me. The "bell shaped" truss rod cover is also misaligned and smaller than the real one. The bell shaped truss rod covers were on the earlier explorers which makes this even more fake since they would have a creamiest color by now. This is made in China for sure. If it doesn't cost $2000+ you will almost always be dealing with a fake. No one in their right mind would see one of the most desirable and rare ESPs for less than that. Especially given that all the MX-220s and MX-250s are made in the custom shop.

      The logo must be the silver/gold block logo. The fakes usually have a lot of space between the E and the S which is not there on the legit guitars.

    • mx_250

      Really horrible replica!!


      OMFG! Im puking!!