• jed s.

    I had a pretty good idea it was real. It just plays and has tone like no other guitar I own. I have several ltds. Ec- 1000's, black and grey trucksters, kh 602 kh-25, kh502, kh - dc, kh-ouija. All are nice but this kh-2 just blows them away. I've always read that the custom shops and real esp were better than ltd but I thought it's just them trying to get more money. Always thought why buy a bolt on kh-2 when I have a ntb 602 I just knew the 602 would be better. This has made a believer out of me. From now on instead of buying several ltds I'll just save and buy the more expensive esp version. It'll mean less guitars but much better quality and I won't need as many when I can get that feel and tone from them. 

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