• jed s.

    kh-2 identification

    I just purchased a esp custom guitars kh-2 signed by kirk hammett. I was told it was a radio giveaway in 1994. The headstock serial is k-2282 and the neck plate is 18467. Does anyone know what year this is. Would it be a 94 or a 93. And is it possible to get a replacement coa on these older guitars. It didn't come with a case warranty card or coa. Any info would help

    • Matt D.

      You could take pics of the guitar and Email ESP about it. The fact that it has 2 different serial numbers on it is somewhat suspect to me. As far as getting a replacement COA on this guitar, not trying to harsh your realm, but highly unlikely.

      • jed s.

        I thought it was common to have 2 serials all my esp have a headstock serial then a neckplate. I sure hope that's normal if not I have a lot of high dollar fakes. 

    • Travis L.

      Congrats bro! I have a 1994 kh2! And it was indeed made in 1994! that serial on the headstock with the four digits! Is def. old! And yes it is 1994! And don't worry about the neck plate! It's a different number (same on mine) and that number fits the criteria of a 1994! And I tried getting a COA from ESP and they said they don't reprint COA's for early guitars like that... If you want to go deeper into when it was made take off the neck and there should be A date written on the body where the neck sits... Hope it helps! 

    • jed s.

      I had a pretty good idea it was real. It just plays and has tone like no other guitar I own. I have several ltds. Ec- 1000's, black and grey trucksters, kh 602 kh-25, kh502, kh - dc, kh-ouija. All are nice but this kh-2 just blows them away. I've always read that the custom shops and real esp were better than ltd but I thought it's just them trying to get more money. Always thought why buy a bolt on kh-2 when I have a ntb 602 I just knew the 602 would be better. This has made a believer out of me. From now on instead of buying several ltds I'll just save and buy the more expensive esp version. It'll mean less guitars but much better quality and I won't need as many when I can get that feel and tone from them. 

    • Travis L.

      I know right! 

      Nah I bought mine at a guitar center for $789! 

      I do have an ex400! It was my first ESP back in 2006! 

    • rappa666

      LOOK HERE.,... 1994!


    • GuitarHitler G.

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