• John L.

    Early 90's Comic Book Guitars

    Hi, first post here. 

    I'm looking for some pictues of a Custom Shop 'Batman' Explorer style guitar that was made in the early 90's. It was reviewed in the Febuary 1992 issue of 'Guitarist' (uk) magazine. Also I would be interested in pictures of other ESP CS comic guitars. There was a S type 'Little Annie Fanny' (Not Vai connected.) that sold recently that was made in '91. Were there any others?

    Thanks in advance. 

    • Pushead

      The only Batman ESP guitar I'm familiar with is a Viper, but that doesn't seem to match anything else you've asked about.

      Courtesy of our resident Aussie ESP Retailer:

      • John L.

        No the one that I am looking for an image of is covered with old 60's Batman comics. These are nice but very different. 

        If you look for 'Little Annie Fanny' on reverb dot com you can see the sort of thing that I mean. (I can't post links)

    • David N.

      Hi John!

      I have that guitar...

      I bought the guitar 90-91, I think. I have tried to find information, and are still looking for the info and history of the guitar. What info do you have about the guitar? I heard there was only one copy of that particular "Explorer Batman". I tried to find the review to which you referred to, but find nothing. Do you have a better link or info on where I can learn about this particular guitar.

    • mulysa

      the body and the headstock kinda resembled MX-220. nice axe \m/