• Pushead

    But, to further on the discussion of currency conversion:

    An ESP Truckster here in the states lists an MSRP of $3,570.00.

    Using today's exchange rate, that works out to roughly ¥283,500.

    In the summer of 2007, ¥283,500 would work out to about $2,300. That's almost $1300 worth of exchange rate, right there. Granted that's MSRP, but there is a lot of price increases in just exchange rate.

    • imprinted

      Also, go look at the custom Wyvern Claw bought - can you see even Jackson making something like that if one of their customers came in?

      I'm glad to see more people are finally seeing how much of a dent in your finances that exchange rate is making.

      I managed to score a Caparison TAT-I Frozen Sky from Japan for about £900 a few years back and now I can only dream of that.