• Trendkill

    If someone wants something, they buy it, even a brand name etc. It's ones own decision and it is based on their financial capacity to own it etc. Gibsons don't appeal to me, Jacksons did when I was 16, not any more etc. The only guitars I search for on a regular basis are ESPs. If I want a Gibson, one can buy one for 600 euro. That's a good holiday in the Canary Islands -- which in my opinion is better than any owning of a Gibson for me personally . Whereas an ESP to me is more valuable than a holiday. That's my fucked up logic :D. Some stranger musician came up to me in a nightclub last week and said "you have a big ESP collection don't you?". I replied, a few, and turned away from him to chat to my friends. I don't own ESPs to get attention or to show off, they are for me personally, because after a long hard day of work, it's nice to come back and see something of the fruits of my labour, something I dreamed of when I was a teenager and thought, "I'll never ever be able to afford one", never mind the few that I have!.

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