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    Been reading up on a few posts in the custom shop forum and I'm slack jawed. Really? How the f--- does ESP get away with charging that much for a guitar? I wince when I see/hear these boomers and schlub collectors dropping 5- 6 K on an old Gibson or Fender whatevers but I've read CS costs in the 6 - 7 K . I'm not questioning the workmanship, materials, etc. ESP puts out and I certainly understand how the market determines worth but some of the prices I've read are off the f---ing charts. I've got 4 custom order axes by US builders and I've never cracked the 4.5 K mark in price. How does ESP make money in that end of their business? :eek:

    Your guitars are built by whom? Their expenses include what?

    • vector350

      Your guitars are built by whom? Their expenses include what?

      My custom shop guitars were built by Hamer, Charvel, Jackson, and Gibson, here in the US.

      True, I didn't factor the exchange rate between USD & Yen, nor the shipping costs from Japan or Australia ;-)

      They must be some amazing axes for folks to drop (by my comparison) 2 K over what they would pay for a comparable US CS.

      I have some experience with this as I wanted something between a Roope RS-II and the Anchang Star real bad but the cost of both STD and Artists Series alone were so prohibitive that I ended up ordering a comparable custom version from Jackson with neck thru, my own custom graphics & a sustainer in the neck pos. for under 1 K less than the RS-II and 3 K less than the Anchang.

      Please understand I'm NOT slagging ESP or their product. I obviously own a few and like 'em. But I am just nonplussed by the staggering price to get a CS when compared to a similar US build.