• Wyvern Claw

    If you're looking for more low-end, the pickups in my Jackson RR1 provide a ton of that, and the specs are very close to yours (Maple neck, alder body, neck-thru construction, OFR). Those pickups are a Seymour Duncan SH2 at the neck and a Seymour Duncan TB4 at the bridge.

    Additionally, the Seymour Duncan JBL in my ESP custom shop provides most of the low-end I hear in my RR1, as well as the high-end, cutting frequencies I hear in my Ibanez Jem.

    So for a bridge pickup at least, I'd say the JBL is the best balanced pickup I've heard yet. Though keep in mind my ESP has a fixed bridge and is made of Korina, not alder. So there might be a difference if you were to toss it in your guitar.