• Vampscunos

    The one i found is like new, no scratches or signs of use, more than mint conditions. The person that is going to sell it has told me he must think how much to' ask... That is The reason i was asking you what will be a Fair price, so i can make me an idea if i must sell some organs or directly my soul to buy this axe.. If someone has an idea i word be' pleased.. Thank you all for your kindness and excuse me for being hairsplitter. Eros

    • guitarsatbmusic

      The only two I know of are also as new, mine never played, the other barely. As I say, I've never seen one sold outside of that which I sold so there is no market value at all to go by really. You just need to come up with a number you would be happy to pay and it's up to the seller to decline or accept I guess. That will be the only known sale precedent there.